Piccaretan terveiset FC Interin seuraajille

After having deeply pondered, I decided to tender my resignation as Head Coach of FC Inter Turku. Although I’m not doing it light-heartedly, I think it’s the right decision and the right moment to do it. There are personal reasons, which are private, and professional ones that need a few explanations.

Being the Head Coach of such an important club means that I have to take responsibility for all the things that happen inside and outside the pitch. In this regard I feel that among the good things I know I did for this club, other things I should have done better and, mainly, those things are what made me take the decision to terminate my contract now.

I leave with the regret of not having been totally able to transfer my ideas to the team and I believe that this has been the main reason for our discontinuous performances. I know that I’m totally responsible for it, because, when something doesn’t work, a good leader must always take the responsibility.

In the meantime I leave with the awareness that, together with my players and my staff, I have achieved something extraordinary such as the Suomen Cup and the chance for the Club to play again European football after a few years. That day has been the peak of my experience here and I will remember forever our fans celebrating after the game.

I feel the need to thank the Håkans family who gave me the chance to be part of this club and our Technical Director Vesa Mäki who has always supported me during all my time here. A special thanks to my whole staff: they are all very good professionals and fantastic human beings. I want to thank everyone working at the club, and the people at Veritas Stadion. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and I will always be grateful.

A big thanks to all my players: we had good and bad moments but what we achieved together on the 12th of May will always remain in my heart.

Kaikkea hyvää!

Fabrizio Piccareta